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7th International Meeting on Heat Flow and the Thermal Structure of the Lithosphere

20-22 June 2022, Potsdam Germany

Aims & scope

The 7th International Meeting on Heat flow and the Thermal Structure of the Lithosphere was held in Potsdam, Germany, hosted by the GFZ German Research Centre for Geosciences. The meeting renewed the successful tradition of the Czech "castle meetings", which were organized by the Geophysical Institute of the Czech Academy of Sciences in the years from 1982 to 2006. In honor of the chairman of those meetings, the name Čermák was adopted now for the conference series and the meetings ahead, organized under the auspices of the IHFC.
The overarching theme of the Potsdam Čermák7 meeting, which was organized both as a conference and a workshop, provided a unique opportunity for researchers, students and industry experts to show and discuss recent results and developments in heat-flow determination and interpretation, experimental petrophysics, geothermal exploration and lithosphere studies.

Conference Proceedings: | Detailed program/proceedings (pdf) |

Fuchs, S., Norden, B., Spalek, A. (Eds.)(2022): Cermak7 - 7th International Meeting on Heat Flow and the Thermal Structure of the Lithosphere, 20-22 June 2022, Potsdam, Germany, 7th International Meeting on Heat flow and the Thermal Structure of the Lithosphere (Potsdam, Germany 2022), Potsdam : GFZ German Research Centre for Geosciences, 62 p.

Monday, Session 1 - Chair: Ilmo T. Kukkonen

  • video (Sven Fuchs, Chair Local Organization Committee) Opening
  • (Susanne Buiter, Scientific Executive Director GFZ - German Research Centre for Geosciences) Welcome Speech GFZ
  • video (Alexander Rudloff, Secretary General of IUGG - International Union of Geodesy and Geophysics) Welcome Speech
  • video (Massimo Verdoya, Chair of the IHFC - International Heat Flow Commission) Welcome & Honorary Speech
  • video (Vladimír Čermák, Czech Academy of Sciences) Čermák talk
  • video (Cristina Pauselli) Thermal conductivity of Triassic evaporites and its influences on the rheology of an active extensional area: the Northern Apennines

Coffee Break

  • video (Arya Hakimian) The Importance of Thermal Conductivity for Optimized Geothermal Analysis and Development
  • video (Laszlo Lenkey) Determination of thermal conductivity of clastic sediments using geophysical well logs and its application for heat flow density determination in Hungary
  • video (Jan Šafanda) Repeated temperature logs of 2 km deep borehole Litoměřice, Czechia
  • video (Niels Balling) Thermal observations from deep boreholes in northwestern Europe: Increase of conductive heat flow with depth and long-term palaeoclimatic effect

Lunch Break

Monday, Session 2 - Chair: Ladislaus Rybach

  • video (Christophe Pascal) Heat flow of the Norwegian continental shelf (pdf)
  • video (Yibo Wang) New advances in heat flow measurement in China
  • video (Orlando Miguel Espinoza Ojeda) Updated and improved continental conductive surface heat flow database from Mexico

Coffee Break

  • (Petr Dědeček) Heat Flow Map of the Czech Republic
  • video (Magued Al-aghbary) A geothermal heat flow model for Africa based on Random Forest Regression
  • (Jeffrey Nunn) Present-Day Surface Heat Flow Prediction Using Geophysical Proxies

Poster Attendance Time

Monday, Evening lecture & Conference Dinner at Museum Barberini

  • (Ilmo T. Kukkonen) Climate change and heat flow: Last decades to measure heat flow in shallow holes.

Tuesday, Session 2 - Chair: Niels Balling

  • video (Raquel Negrete-Aranda) Heat flow exploration in and around the Gulf of California Rift: Past, Present and Future. Results from in depth exploration in South Pescadero Basin
  • video (Graeme Beardsmore) AuScope ‘Heat Flow Program’ to upgrade Australia’s heat flow infrastructure
  • video (Dhananjay Ravat) Geotherms and Thermal Parameters from the Curie Depth Constrained Spectral De-fractal Method: Examples from Africa, Australia, and North America
  • video (Jacek Puziewicz) The temperature of continental mantle lithosphere as seen by a petrologist: An example from Cameroon Volcanic Line in West Africa

Coffee Break + Boat tour + Lunch Break

Tuesday, Session 3 - Chair: Graeme Beardsmore

  • video (Ladislaus Rybach) Continental lithospheric heat flow, temperature field and thickness – Examples and comments (pdf)
  • video(Derrick Hasterok) A 3.85 Ga record of Heat Production and Its Geodynamic Response
  • video (Mareen Lösing) On Antarctic Geothermal Heat Flow
  • video (Mauro Cacace) Tectonic inheritance, thermal field and rheological configuration of the lithosphere - lessons learnt from 3D models and open questions
  • video (Ilmo T. Kukkonen) The thermal regime and hydraulic properties of crystalline rocks at 6 km depth: Results of geothermal studies and hydraulic stimulation in the St1 Deep Heat project, Espoo, Finland

Coffee Break

Tuesday, Session 3 - Chair: Andrea Förster

  • video (David Chapman) Heat and Fluids in the Earth’s Crust – on the Back of an Envelope
  • video (Shaowen Liu) Heterogeneities of the lithospheric thermal structure and rheology control Cenozoic in tracontinental deformation in southeast China
  • video (Massimo Verdoya) Water-Loaded Depth and Heat Flow Pattern of the Eastern Mediterranean Sea (pdf)
  • video (Jeffrey Poort) A Regional Heat Flow Low in the South Formentera Basin (Western Mediterranean): a Hydrothermal Circulation Combined with Brine Reflux?
  • video (Sven Fuchs) The global heat flow database - status, progress and future projects
  • (Massimo Verdoya, Sven Fuchs) Conference Closing

Poster presentation

  • P01 Two Decades of Geothermal Climate Change Observatory, Prague-Sporilov (Vladimír Čermák)
  • P02 Heat flow distribution of southern South America and its connection with the geotectonic setting (Rodolfo Christiansen)
  • P03 Thermal structure of the Apennine– Tyrrhenian basin system (central Italy) (Gianluca Gola)
  • P04 The Importance of Thermal Conductivity for Optimized Geothermal Analysis and Development (Arya Hakimian)
  • P05 Apollo Lunar Heat Flow Paradox (Shaopeng Huang)
  • P07 Geothermal regime of the Kuqa foreland basin, northwestern China (Shaowen Liu)
  • P08 Combining magnetic and gravity data to infer the crustal architecture and heat flow in Wilkes Land, Antarctica (Mareen Lösing)
  • P09 Heat flow and thermal regime in the Guaymas Basin, Gulf of California: Estimates of conductive and advective heat transport (Florian Neumann)
  • P10 Quality assessment of German heat-flow data: A contribution to a revised Global Heat Flow Database (Ben Norden)
  • P11 A thermo-physical subsidence model for paleo-bathymetry reconstruction in extensional basins: quantifying the effect of lateral heat transfer (Alberto Pastorutti)
  • P12 Marine geothermal heat flow research at the University of Bremen and MARUM – Center for Environmental Sciences (Aline Ploetz)
  • P13 Mozambique Channel heat flow: new data and predicted heat flow map (Jeffrey Poort)
  • P14 Heat flow estimates in the Northern Mozambique Channel (Frédérique Rolandone)
  • P15 Geothermal atlas of the Sudetes and their foreland: an interdisciplinary project for recognizing the geothermal potential in SW Poland (Piotr Słomski)
  • P16 Mapping the Thermal Structure of Southern Africa From Curie Depth Estimates Based on Wavelet Analysis of Magnetic Data With Uncertainties (Mohamed Sobh)
  • P17 Lithospheric thermal structure from thermal data collection in and around Japan (AkikoTanaka)
  • P18 (pdf) Mantle thermal conditions of the Zagros collision zone and surroundings (Magdala Tesauro)
  • P19 (pdf) On the thermal and seismotectonic environment of the Finnish part of the Wiborg rapakivi batholith (Toni Veikkolainen)
  • P20 Testing the Lithospheric Implication of four different Geothermal Heat Flow models for Greenland (Agnes Wansing)
  • P21 Do temperature predictions of the crust need to consider pressure and temperature-dependent rock (Andrea Förster)
  • P22 Heat flow measurements in Slovenia and convective share in the borehole thermograms (Dušan Rajver)


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