7th International Meeting on Heat Flow and the Geothermal Field

12-14 May 2020, Potsdam Germany

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20.03.2020 - Postponement

Due to the global development of the COVID-19 pandemic, we decided to cancel the Cermak7 Meeting in 2020 and postpone it until May next year.

In the light of the on-going situation of border closings, social distancing and public live restrictions everywhere, we do not see any chance to hold this conference as planned. The preparation for C7 has been ongoing for almost 9 months now and we had been able to get many of the global heat flow community be interested to participate in this fellow-up of the famous Cermak castle meetings as authors, keynote speakers or as scientific committee members. To safeguard all this work, we feel that postponing to next year rather to next September (as suggested online) is the better solution.

Please, safe the preliminary new data for Cermak7 2021: 17th – 19th of May 2021 (arrival and departure days not included), shortly before the also re-scheduled WGC. We will clarify the availability of all locations and come up with an official safe the date as soon as possible. We are also working hard to keep the sponsors, exhibitors and partners and the JOG special issue on board for next year. The paid fees (registration fee and accommodation, if booked) will be refunded. This process will start immediately. For international connections, this can take up to four weeks. We kindly ask for your patience and hope that you will register for the Cermak7 2021 meeting again.

We are pleased by the support of so many of you so far and are looking forward for your further comments and suggestions for Cermak7 2021: give us feedback or preregister for next year (without obligation). We will do our best to make Cermak7 happen in 2021.

The Cermak7 organizing committee.

Follow the new Cermak7:2021 Meeting website!

10.03.2020 - Information on COVID-19

General situation The outbreak of COVID-19 infections worldwide and also in Germany is rapidly evolving and we are carefully monitoring the situation. Some of you are already faced with restrictions like temporal travel bans or even limitations in their daily life. Although we have worked with passion and in a restless pace to create a fantastic meeting for you and the global heat flow community, our priority must be to avoid supporting the further spreading of the virus and to prevent that anyone of you gets infected and seriously harmed during its participation or travelling to the meeting. The international character of our meeting includes participants from all continents and more than 20 countries all over the world. You might have noticed that other geoscientific events have already been cancelled or postponed or are under discussion to do so. We are evaluating the conditions on a daily basis. Our information is based on the guidelines for public events issued by the Robert-Koch-Institute RKI. The RKI is Germany’s public state health institute and cooperates closely with the WHO. We are continuously clarifying/monitoring the situation with the local authorities.

Next steps Based on these conditions, we would proceed as follows: We will continuously monitoring the situation over the next three weeks and keep you informed. We will also continue to prepare the meeting program as this has no financial implications. Latest on Monday, the 30th of March, in the light of the contextual situation, we will decide and communicate whether the meeting will be held (e.g. reversed infection rate trend until then), cancelled (e.g. continuously increasing trend) or postponed (e.g. stable but high infection rate).

The Cermak7 organizing committee.

Patronage & Organizer

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Scientific Committee

  • Irina Artemieva - USA
  • Niels Balling - Denmark
  • Vladimír Čermák - Czech Republic
  • Rob Harris - USA
  • Jacek Majorowicz - Canada
  • Raquel Negrete-Aranda - Mexico
  • Ana Maria Negredo - Spain
  • Sukanta Roy - India
  • Magdalena Scheck-Wenderoth - Germany
  • Maria Richards - USA
  • Massimo Verdoya - Italy
  • Heinrich Villinger - Germany

Local Organization Committee

Members of the local organization committee at the Helmholtz Centre Potsdam GFZ German Research Centre for Geosciences:

  • Sven Fuchs
  • Ben Norden
  • Andrea Förster
  • Sascha Brune
  • Angela Spalek
  • Birgit Schöbel

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Cermak7 is made possible by our partners and sponsors.