Joint Scientific Assembly 2021 in Hyderabad, India

At the IAGA/IASPEI Joint Scientific Assembly, the IHFC organized the S24 symposium:

  • S24 - IHFC: Towards 60 years of activity of the International Heat Flow Commission Conveners: Sukanta Roy (India), Robert N. Harris (USA), Sven Fuchs (Germany), Massimo Verdoya (Italy)
  • Oral session 1 (16:45-18:45 Ind ST; 13:15-15:15 CEST), Chair: Yuri Popov (RU) and Labani Ray (IN)
  • Oral session 2 (20:15-22:15 Ind ST; 16:45-18:45 CEST), Convener: Sukanta Roy (IN) and Sven Fuchs (DE)

The IHFC midterm business meeting will take place on Wednesday 25th of August (16:45-18:45 Ind ST; 13:15-15:15 CEST)

Time Title Speaker
1645 - 1700 hrs Heat Flow Evidence for Hydrothermal Circulation in Oceanic Crust at the Cascadia Deformation Front, Grays Harbor, USA Robert Harris
1700 - 1715 hrs Heat Flow Anomalies on the Seaward Side of the Japan and Kuril Trenches: Implications for Fluid Circulation and Heat Transport Processes in Oceanic Crust of the Incoming Pacific Plate Makoto Yamano
1715 - 1730 hrs Thermal Data Collection in and Around Japan: Towards a Better Understanding of Thermal State of the Lithosphere and Ensuring Reliable Database Akiko Tanaka
1730 - 1745 hrs Terrestrial Heat Flow and Water-Loaded Depth of the Eastern Mediterranean Sea Elie El Jbeily
1745 - 1800 hrs Geothermal regime of the Koyna seismogenic zone, Deccan Traps, India constrained from measurements in the deep crystalline basement Sukanta Roy
1800 - 1815 hrs How to Calculate Heat Flow from Geothermal Heat Pump Data Ladislaus Rybach
1815 - 1830 hrs Features of geothermal studies of industrial wells in hydrocarbon fields Guzel Vakhitova
1830 - 1845 hrs Renovating the Global Heat Flow Database: Status, current and future actions Sven Fuchs
Time Title Speaker
2015 - 2030 hrs New data on essential vertical variations in heat flow obtained with advanced experimental technique Yury Popov
2030 - 2045 hrs Temperature dependence of thermal conductivity for different varieties of granitoids: Implication in 1-D crustal thermal modelling Labani Ray
2045 - 2100 hrs Role of effective medium theory in expanding capabilities of experimental thermal petrophysics Irina Bayuk
2100 - 2115 hrs Well-log based determination of thermal properties of anisotropic formations: case studies of implementation Anuar Shakirov
2115 - 2130 hrs Experimentally based enhancement of theoretical approach for determining the thermal conductivity of reservoir rocks Zakhar Pichugin
2130 - 2145 hrs Resource assessment and productivity predictions in unconventional geothermal systems Paromita Deb
2145 - 2200 hrs Tracking between ground and air temperatures: results from a 5-year long dataset collected at a Geothermal Climate Change Observatory in southern India Vyasulu Venkata Akkiraju
2200 - 2215 hrs The model of temperature response to external radiative forcing Anastasiia Gornostaeva

More info will follow...