3rd International Meeting on Heat Flow and Structure of the Lithosphere

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The Geophysical Institute of the Czechoslovak Academy of Sciences organized the Third International Workshop on Terrestrial Heat Flow and Lithosphere Structure, and convened the meeting at the Castle of Bechyne in Southern Bohemia from September 2 to September 7, 1991.

Sixty scientists from twenty six countries of the world attended the conference, representing a sizeable part of the relatively small but active international heat flow community. The third meeting confirmed the benefit of the commencing tradition to meet once in four-five years and in a friendly atmosphere of the Bechyne Castle to discuss the recent results obtained and to formulate the future international cooperation in the basic heat flow studies.

Special issues to the results of the workshop: Heat Flow and the Structure of the Lithosphere - III, V. Cermak, Volume 225, Issues 1–2, Pages 1-138 (30 September 1993) and Heat Flow and the Structure of the Lithosphere - III, Bechyne Castle, September 2-7, 1991, V.Cermak (Ed.), Studia Geophysica et Geodetica, Volume 31, Issue 3, Pages 233-348.

major topics of the meeting

The major topics of the meeting included the geophysical aspects of geothermal modelling, such as downward extrapolation of near-surface temperatures and their interpretation in terms of crustal and upper mantle structures, the correlation between heat flow and other geoparameters, case studies, as well as reviews of new heat flow data measured in various parts of the world. In addition, discussions also focussed on the climate related borehole observations including studies of the underground climate recollections and climatic models derived from temperature logs. The latter group of papers followed the discussions held only two weeks earlier during one of the symposia of the 20th IUGG General Assembly in Vienna “Climate Change Recorded in Subsurface Temperatures”.

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