27th General Assembly 2019 in Montréal, Canada

At the 27th IUGG General Assembly, the IHFC organized three join symposia and one IASPEI symposium:

  • JS08 - Climate modeling, climate change and subsurface temperature field (IASPEI,IAHS). Conveners: Vladimir Cermak, Makoto Taniguchi
  • JS09 - Tectonophysics of the continental lithosphere: integrating the thermal field with thermo-barometric, seismological, electromagnetic and seismicity data (IASPEI, IAVCEI, IAGA). Conveners: Andrea Förster, Rainer Kind, Alan Jones, Gianluca Gola
  • JV04 - Advances in terrestrial heat flow measurement and interpretation (IAVCEI, IASPEI). Conveners: Shaopeng Huang, Massimo Verdoya, Jacek Majorowicz, Guangzheng Jiang
  • S26 - Age dependences of terrestrial heat flow in continental and oceanic settings (IASPEI). Conveners: Valiya Hamza, Mohan Lal Gupta, Shaowen Liu

The IHFC business meeting took place on Monday 15th of July. A detailed description can be found in the minutes.

Impressions (Courtesy of V. Cermak)