IAG-IASPEI 39th Joint Scientific Assembly, Kobe, Japan

At the 39th IAG-IASPEI Joint Scientific Assembly, the IHFC organized four IASPEI symposia S24-S27.

  • S24: Methods and instruments of experimental geothermics – application and recent evolution. Conveners: Yuri Popov and Andrea Förster
  • S25: Development and application of geothermal databases. Conveners: Shaopeng Huang and Will Gosnold
  • S26: Exploring connections between heat flow and tectonics. Conveners: Valiya M. Hamza and Makoto Yamano
  • S27: Geothermal Energy: Ground source heat pump, hydrothermal system, and hot dry rocks. Conveners: Makoto Taniguchi and Philipp Blum

The four IHFC symposia featured a total of 49 papers distributed over 6 oral sessions and 4 poster sessions.